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Product Supplies

We carry with us a vast range of products from Europe and Asia that cater to various application, requirements and segments, essentially to cater to specific design requirements and budgets. We help our clients select the right product for the application and usage by understanding the dynamics of their project, the time line and budget.

Lighting products are shipped in from manufacturers either by sea/air-freight or by courier, depending on the urgency and project schedule.

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Consulting Services

Combined with our design capabilities and consulting expertise which stems out of years of experience, knowledge and understanding of the building architectural and finishes industry and in lighting, per se, we are in a position to advise our clients on a range of design and build matters that influences the desired results, maintain financial control and achieve the milestones.

We consistently meet the requirements, offering the most appropriate product choices inconsonance with the design criteria transforming the place to become the most enjoyable experience for our clients.

Design and Engineering

We also offer Electrical Design Services as an add-on service. Our certified electrical engineers conversant with CAD/CAM complete the design, development, testing and commissioning of the full scope of electrical systems, be it for large scale commercial, retail, hospitality systems to domestic buildings, alterations and extensions. Our prices for these services are probably the very best in the industry.

Evaluation, Measurement and Verification

We are focused on Energy Efficiency initiatives. We have the capabilities to deliver significant business value propositions by conducting energy efficiency programs and being able to provide accurate, transparent and consistent assessments of methods and performance. We also have the capabilities to develop a project-centric Measurement and Verification (M&V) Plan, conduct and perform a Post Installation or a regular interval verification activities using M&V to manage risks, responsibilities and performance. M&V is an evolving science. Industry best practices,as documented in the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol2 and ASHRAE Guideline 14: Measurement of Energy and Demand Savings3,will be followed in the process and activity. We are members of Energy Management Association of New Zealand.

Training and Development

With our profound use and expertise in Relux Lighting Design Software for our own projects and lighting designs that we are successfully be able to produce which is at par with the best of breed in the industry, we are now able to offer an online training at a nominal price with the software for on-going design use. Our belief is that an aspiring lighting designer does not to pay enormous amount of money to acquire the software, knowldege and expertise. Do please log on to our web page for Training and Development to acquire all the information you need to get you started straight-away or send us your enquiry by clicking on Contact Us.

Project Management

We do have the vast experience, expertise and capabilities to evaluate, design, develop, analyse every facet of managing a full scale project and have done so effectively be it a residential, industrial, commercial or retail. Please do talk to us and you will immediately understand our approach, the strategies, skills,…and the business value propositions we are able to bring to the table, consistently.

For a detailed consultation and free assessment, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.